• Damian Castellini 3D Generalist Reel

    Personal work showing generalist skills, while professional work awaits official release.
    Use of organic and hard-surface modelling in modo and maya, with edgeloops and UVmaps placed with animation and texturing in mind.
    Texturing in Quixel, Photoshop, and making use of custom shader systems.
    Rigging in Maya, manually and using Advanced Skeleton, including custom controls and skin weighting.
    Lighting and rendering inside of Maya Arnold using linear workflow, producing layered EXR’s used in post.
    After Effects compositing, including a simple sound effects board, and sourced music track.

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  • Damian Castellini – Modelling Showreel 2015

    Somewhat dated reel, with characters modeled for short films and personal projects. Still good examples of character modeling and texturing for animation, including motion capture.
    For more recent models see Generalist Reel 2017 above, or feel free to contact me at spicemustflo@gmail.com

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  • Automancy – short film

    Short film I directed with a team in 2015.  Responsibilities included: concept, storyboarding, animatics, character modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, and compositing in AE.

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  • Astronomico – 2D animated short

    Straight-ahead animation exercise, imitating the early travelling cartoonists who worked on blackboard with chalk. Using After Effects & Pencil.

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  • making stop-motion puppets on a shoestring

    A little timelapse video showing one of several stop motion puppets being made with cheap materials, namely kebab sticks, thin wire, cloth and pillow stuffing. Great for little projects and animation experiments, wouldn’t recommend them for long-term use, as the wires wear out around the joints.

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