Damian Castellini 3D Generalist Reel

Personal work showing generalist skills, while professional work awaits official release.
Use of organic and hard-surface modelling in modo and maya, with edgeloops and UVmaps placed with animation and texturing in mind.
Texturing in Quixel, Photoshop, and making use of custom shader systems.
Rigging in Maya, manually and using Advanced Skeleton, including custom controls and skin weighting.
Lighting and rendering inside of Maya Arnold using linear workflow, producing layered EXR’s used in post.
After Effects compositing, including a simple sound effects board, and sourced music track.

Max the Dino Animated

a little animation with Max. Plays better with sound.

Personal project, concept through to final comp.
Modo, Advanced Skeleton, Maya, Arnold, AE.
Audio sources on site.

Albert the Robot animation

animated character turntable, best played with sound.

Personal project, concept to final.
Maya, Quixel, Arnold, AE.
Audio sources on site.

Fish Pot study


Speedpaint studying the lighting on glossy ceramic. The teapot was an ideal candidate and threw in a recycled paper background to contrast with the light hues. I keep meaning to do this sort of thing more often, but once is in a while is better than naught ^-^’

3D printed Slender models

Finished printing my slender characters from the automancy short.
Posed and made the mesh’s watertight, then sliced them through Cura.
Printed trials on a cheaper PLA first, before making some changes to the mesh, and printing them again with wood-infused filament.
This was a bit of an experiment in seeing how well a fdm printer could handle sculptures with little fiddly bits. Really happy with the fingers and other small details, and the overhanging robe and apron. Standing next to a clay sculpt of the Librarian, helps to show some of the strengths of the medium.


printed a t-rex skeleton model from thingiverse (the first makerbot listing), and buried the parts in a box of sand, as a n oddly inspired hobby-present.

molding & casting trials – Dairugger toy fists

Early trials with silicon molds for casting and molding with resin.
After some success with an old robot toy projectile, and a dial for an old bakelite radio, stepped it up to a 2-piece mold for a missing Vehicle Voltron rocket-fist.
Took a few attempts before getting the pigment amount right, and to find ways to remove as many bubbles as possible.

Finished “Lucy” Renders

Small ongoing personal project, a frontier sci-fi pistol for a character, is finished! (at least digitally ^-^’).
Here’s some finished renders. I’ll post up a link to a turntable (of sorts) soon. I’m having a bit too much fun with the sound fx.
The next stage is to prepare the model for 3D printing, which will be in parts (like the prototype).

I’m tempted to make a mold of the print, and cold cast the thing with iron ore, with resulting rusty texture.
The silicon molding & resin casting is coming along, though still need to do a bunch more trials to match it up with my 3D printer.

Nalia character clay sculpt

Tried my hand at clay sculpting a few months back when feeling a bit stuck on the proportions of a character design. Probably about 20hrs in fits and bursts, really happy with the results. She turned out a little too realistic for the design I was going for, but it’ll still be great to inform the design’s volume etc.
A lesson for next time will be to scale up, and use a harder Clayette, so it’s not so difficult to do details.