Sci-Fi Frontier Gun – “Lucy”

animated weapon turntable. Plays better with sound.

Personal project, concept through to final comp.
Modo, Maya, Arnold, AE.
Audio sources on site.

Sackhead – stop-motion walk

Testing the wireframe puppet with a walk before making two others. Using cardboard for the floor didn’t help with the puppet’s stability, really need to drill through wood for this.

Firelight – stop-motion short

small personal stop-motion short, on a shoe-string. Good fun making characters and animating them by hand, though moving house and filming in the height of summer was a challenge. The skull I came upon with my partner when lost in the bush (i.e. “camping”). Still have these guys around, might revisit the characters some day…

Featured link image has my dad peering through the forest while making the set, couldn’t help taking a few snaps XD

Damian Castellini – Modelling Showreel 2015

Somewhat dated reel, with characters modeled for short films and personal projects. Still good examples of character modeling and texturing for animation, including motion capture.
For more recent models see Generalist Reel 2017 above, or feel free to contact me at

Motometro – Rigged Biped CIty

Character/location from QUT Short Film Automancy.
Concept, model, texturing, rigging. Blender, Maya, Quixel, Photoshop.
Click to preview interactive 3D model (town textures not shown).