automancy animation playblast – shot 02-03

This shot changed a lot during the animating process. The camera and shot length stayed the same, but the poses from the stepped stage didn’t transfer well to linear, with the frontal character zipping around the place. Also had to fudge the positioning of the profile character’s prop, bu this isn’t visible in the continuity between the previous and next shot.
Lots of manipulating assets on this one, to tie in the flasks being held in the last shot, and the mortar and pestle also. The profile character has a decreasing walk cycle to go around the table (practiced this a lot to get the timing right, and within the restrictions of the shot length). Glad about getting the hand trailing along the table. Couldn’t remove the jitter of the neck as he turns to walk around the table, no matter how much spline editing and re-positioning i did with the neck. I think it really comes down to the angle of the camera, and length of the neck (making it more pronounced), and the combination of a turn and a recoil step that give this impression.
It was tricky getting the eyedropper to slide nicely in and out of the flask, but pretty happy with the results (especially considering the limitations of my custom rig).