Automancy “Arch-ademic” Clothes WIP

arch_clothes_pose test arch_clothes_wip arch_clothes_unwrapped_sml

Clothes sculpt for the older Arch-ademic Slender character in our Automancy short film. To be able to use one rig for both characters, clothes will be wrap-deformed around the rig. This shouldn’t be an issue as they won’t be making any movements that will stretch the clothes to the point that they require bones. All movements shots are above the waist, so the bottom half deforming strangely around the legs shouldn’t be an issue (if it is, the backup plan it to simply remove the lower half of his vest).

Now that the unwrap and base colours are done, I’ve passed this to Beth, our Texturer, to paint it in more detail based on reference images and my concept art. This frees me to move onto the next rig, and speeds up our workflow. Hopefully should be getting this guys 3D printed througha friend, will post when that comes through ^-^