paint practice

paint prac, 4 hrs, from photo reference

Moto Metro – The Striding City

Model sheet for, well, what the title says. If i decide to go with the idea I have so far for my final animation, then

Automancy pg.3

argghh….running out of holiday time. Also, Drethen finds a pet (so he’s not reeeaallly talking to himself, exactly)

Automancy #2

2nd page, I’ll try my best to get the next 4 pages on over the next 2 weeks, get the story rolling, so to speak

Automancy comic #1

weeell, it’s been a few months in planning, & I think I’m ready to finally show this thing. The characters are nailed down (or at

Drethen Expression Sheet #1

Always the most fun part of exploring a character. Did most of these while watching Grimm & Sleepy Hollow, with a mirror handy 😉

anim19_backwards sneak

anim19_backwards sneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

anim18_mega sneak

anim18 megasneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Automancy: Prologue

Hmm….so how to explain this without garbling on for hours? Prologue to a fantasy comic idea I’d like to follow through with. This shouldn’t give


anim17 sneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

M.A.D. Lab Props

Mad Scientist Table by scruffyhugo on Sketchfab Cogs3 by scruffyhugo on Sketchfab Recently invited to help on a local game project that is going commercial.

Drethen Character Sheet #1

Character sheet for protagonist of a comic idea I’m tinkering with for an animation this year. More characters & expressions to come!


anim_16 sneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo

speedpaint – Orange

and that’s a wrap for the primary colour speedpaints. Yep, went there.

Bottled Genius Prop

Bottled Genius by scruffyhugo on Sketchfab


anim15_toonrun from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

speedpaint – Green

just keeping with the monochromatic value exercises. 2-3 hr speedpaint


anim14_toonrun from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

speedpaint “Yellow”

Keeping with the primary colours theme, 2 hr speedpaint. Next up, green!

speedi-paint 3

blue monochromatic, 2 hrs

speedi-paint 2

more colour theory prac, blue-violet, yellow-orange. 2 hrs.

12_Toon run 2

12_toonrun2 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. More exaggerated run exercise, with help from William’s Kit.

11_Toon Run

11_toonrun_6s from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. 6 frames/second run, had to add a few more steps or it’s over before you blink!

The Upper Hand – 1-page comic exercise

I realised recently that storyboards are similar to comics, and in preparation for my final animation this year, thought I’d sketch out 5-10 comic concepts


anim9_drunkwalk from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. Took about 3 attempts, started off too complex and had to simplify, in order to try to get the weight

Speedpaint City

Speedpaint of a bipedal city I’m thinking of using as a base of operations for an academic species in some world-building I’m doing. Don’t think

Monty Mouse Char Sheet

Character sheet for an app game character requested by LoreCorp

Nose & Brow studies

Sketching some nose & brow studies during the new year break. TV actors are great as reference, since they mostly have abnormally well-sculpted noses. Should

Walk 7

walk7 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Herb Scene on Sketchfab

Herb Room Layout by scruffyhugo on Sketchfab

Herb Rig on Sketchfab

"Herb" old man rig by scruffyhugo on Sketchfab

Mhondraak Cyborg Troll Mesh

Mhondraak Cyborg Troll Rig V 5.1 by scruffyhugo on Sketchfab

speedpaint #3

Walk Exercise #6

walk_6 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Walk Exercise #5

mort doublebouncewalk from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Walk Exercise #4

walk_4 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Walk Exercise #3

walk_3 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Walk Exercise #2

walk_2 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Walk exercise #1

walk_1 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

iPi Win!

Speedpaint #1


Astronomico – 2D animated short

Straight-ahead animation exercise, imitating the early travelling cartoonists who worked on blackboard with chalk. Using After Effects & Pencil.

making stop-motion puppets on a shoestring

A little timelapse video showing one of several stop motion puppets being made with cheap materials, namely kebab sticks, thin wire, cloth and pillow stuffing.