Fish Pot study

Speedpaint studying the lighting on glossy ceramic. The teapot was an ideal candidate and threw in a recycled paper background to contrast with the light

Quino-style Julieta Caricature

Caricature of my sister in the Argentine cartoonist Quino's Mafalda style ^-^ The textured paper my partner and I made from recycled leaflets. Hippies much,

new wacom = new avatar

My awesome partner bought me a wacom (intuos 4 med) for my bday to replace my lil' bamboo. While couch-bound with a cold/flu did a little painting

Sheriff Goodnight Concept #2

More concept sketches for the Space cowboy cyborg I'm planning on modelling, etc. Some ideas for his back and calves (they're asymmetrical so I had

Sheriff Goodnight – concept #1

I've revised a concept from about 2 years ago, of a detective sent to a frontier space colony, populated by cyborg hillbillies. Soon after landing he's

Life-drawing sketches

some recent life-drawing sketches, mixture of 2-15 minutes poses. Haven't been in ages, thought I might need some warming up before tackling some storyboarding. This fellow

cartoon caricature

Drew this for a business card I put together for the Render conference in Melbourne next week. Went through a couple of versions, including a

my sister, Slayer of Curbs

A little doodle for my sister, who bravely battled a street curb armed only with a bicycle.

Happy Birthday Mama!

a little painting for my ma', who's in Argentina (making it rather hard to send a present). Luckily, I know she has a soft spot

Automancy Building Concepts

Building trials for Motometro. Decided these were too cartoony for the style I'm after, but details from them could be useful, and it's good to have some

MotoMetro Detailing #1

Detailing concepts for MM's legs. Used a lot of locomotive & construction vehicles for reference. Thinking of a mostly brown/black colour base, with scratches, oil stains

Automancy Lab Layout

Top & angled views of Lab. Roughly sketched as just getting the furniture & props placed. Some of these props (e.g. furnace & tools), might

Automancy Baby Concept

2D concept for the baby in Automancy. Keeping her bundled up to avoid another full rig, having her arms free could be a desirable (if

Automancy Town Concept #3

1 hr to draw, about another 6 to paint. Added details to the buildings, and included a couple of the key buildings that will be in

Automancy Town concepts #2

getting some more definition in the building shapes, working off the colour palette. Next up, painting the whole motometro town! well....most of it anyway

Automancy Town concepts #1

Onto speedpaints for the town & buildings this week! did this in about 45mins yesterday, was so tired I forgot to upload.'s going to

Automancy landscape concepts #5

bit over an hour each, PS CS6 narrowing down the style for the field in my short film. Less jagged mountains, yellow/green grass, cartoony/blobby trees

Automancy Comic – chapter 2 p.1

And the adventure is underway, Drethen is out from under the wing of his mentor, and finding that life in the wild is better in

Automancy landscape concepts #4

more field experimentation for my 3D short film the bottom 2 were from photo ref’s, as I noticed my tree and shrub detail was a

automancy landscape concept 3

managed to get a bit more cartoony. Round shapes, brighter colours, and small line flicks (like the leaves) helped. oh yeah, speedpaint, 3 hrs ^_^

AM landscape concept #2

speedpaint, 3.5 hrs playing with addidng overgrown ruins into the landscape, which would make more sense. Doing the finicky bricks n vines took that extra

scenery concept speedpaint #1

Trying to pump out some quick concepts for how the landscape should/could look in Automancy Liking where the colours & painting-style is going (still have

Slender Colour Reference

took about 6-7 versions before settling on this one. Should help with the 3D model texturing, even if the clothes are a little different…

Slender Expressions #1

played with some expressions last night to differentiate the professor from his assistant. The lack of nose, jaw, hair & ears made it quite the

Automancy pg.5

one more page to go, next set of 6 pages are roughed/scripted ^-^

paint prac 2

3.5 hrs, from photo reference

paint practice

paint prac, 4 hrs, from photo reference

Moto Metro – The Striding City

Model sheet for, well, what the title says. If i decide to go with the idea I have so far for my final animation, then

Automancy pg.3

argghh….running out of holiday time. Also, Drethen finds a pet (so he’s not reeeaallly talking to himself, exactly)

Automancy #2

2nd page, I’ll try my best to get the next 4 pages on over the next 2 weeks, get the story rolling, so to speak

Automancy comic #1

weeell, it’s been a few months in planning, & I think I’m ready to finally show this thing. The characters are nailed down (or at

Drethen Expression Sheet #1

Always the most fun part of exploring a character. Did most of these while watching Grimm & Sleepy Hollow, with a mirror handy 😉

Automancy: Prologue

Hmm….so how to explain this without garbling on for hours? Prologue to a fantasy comic idea I’d like to follow through with. This shouldn’t give

Drethen Character Sheet #1

Character sheet for protagonist of a comic idea I’m tinkering with for an animation this year. More characters & expressions to come!

speedpaint – Orange

and that’s a wrap for the primary colour speedpaints. Yep, went there.

speedpaint – Green

just keeping with the monochromatic value exercises. 2-3 hr speedpaint

speedpaint “Yellow”

Keeping with the primary colours theme, 2 hr speedpaint. Next up, green!

speedi-paint 3

blue monochromatic, 2 hrs

speedi-paint 2

more colour theory prac, blue-violet, yellow-orange. 2 hrs.