Max the Dino Animated

a little animation with Max. Plays better with sound. Personal project, concept through to final comp. Modo, Advanced Skeleton, Maya, Arnold, AE. Audio sources on

Albert the Robot animation

animated character turntable, best played with sound. Personal project, concept to final. Maya, Quixel, Arnold, AE. Audio sources on site.

Sackhead – stop-motion walk

Testing the wireframe puppet with a walk before making two others. Using cardboard for the floor didn't help with the puppet's stability, really need to

Firelight – stop-motion short

small personal stop-motion short, on a shoe-string. Good fun making characters and animating them by hand, though moving house and filming in the height of

Damian Castellini – Modelling Showreel 2015

Somewhat dated reel, with characters modeled for short films and personal projects. Still good examples of character modeling and texturing for animation, including motion capture. For

finished Automancy shortfilm!

It's complete! The shortfilm we've been working on this year is up on Vimeo, so go check it out, share it around, and leave all

Automancy Short film Render Previews

Thursday behind-the-scenes shot of one of our lit scenes. For those unfamiliar with 3d software, the coloured circles in the above shot are the lights,

Automancy shot 04-03 playblast

Animation for the reveal shot of the baby. As the baby was referenced, I wasn't able to parent it to the wrists, so the turn

Automancy shot 01-02 playblast

animation for the Slenders, had a very decent crack at offsetting their actions, so the viewer is drawn first to the character on the right,

Automancy Shot 05-01 Playblast

finally getting the hang of a structured animation workflow, key poses(stepped)>paired sets>holds>linear>splined>final polish. Had a lot of fun animating the baby, and giving the scene

Automancy Alchemist’s Lab Render

A neeeeaaaarly final render of our Lab scene from Automancy. The glass textures have been finalised since, but this is a good indicator of what

Automancy Pre-Vis

Automancy Shortfilm – Pre-Vis v3.5(nosound) from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. The final version I did of our previs before commencing animation. Really helped in seeing what

Automancy Baby Rig Process

baby "Kit" Rig test & Process from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

‘Slender’ character face rig demo

'Slender' character face rig demo from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. facial animation showing progress at using one rig for two characters. By adding an “eyebrow thickness”

Clothes Deformer Test

Using a quick clothes sculpt, tested adding clothes to my Slender rig, using wrap deformer. Worked well, and both the body & facial rigs worked without

Automancy Shortfilm Animatic

After several revisions follwing feedback from my team, tutors, and friends, here is the most current version of the Animatic for Automancy.Still a couple of changes

Storyboard Colour Script for Automancy

after painting several versions to get the palette right, the objects were cut (& the areas behind them repainted) facilitating the animatic process in After Effects

Automancy – short film

Short film I directed with a team in 2015.  Responsibilities included: concept, storyboarding, animatics, character modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, and compositing in AE.

Automancy Building Concepts

Building trials for Motometro. Decided these were too cartoony for the style I'm after, but details from them could be useful, and it's good to have some


1HRanim28 Stir from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. Practice for Assistant’s mortar & pestle action. 1hr.


1HRanim25_Takeprogression from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. Used the timing from Dick William’s Take as the basis for one of the Slenders reeling back from the puff

Automancy Town Concept #3

1 hr to draw, about another 6 to paint. Added details to the buildings, and included a couple of the key buildings that will be in

Automancy Town concepts #2

getting some more definition in the building shapes, working off the colour palette. Next up, painting the whole motometro town! well....most of it anyway

1HR anim 24 – baby lift

1hr anim 24 – babylift from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. short practice for Archademic raising up their successful experiment, just to start getting a feel for

Automancy short – Storyboards V3

revised storyboards, might still need a few tweaks, but generally ready for next stage...the animatic!


1hrAnim_23_bookselect from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. getting back to the animation 1 hr practice, will be doing these again every 2nd day (every other day is

Anim21_Box Slip

anim21_box slip from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. 3 hrs, with a small tea break. Came out better than I’d expected.

anim19_backwards sneak

anim19_backwards sneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

anim18_mega sneak

anim18 megasneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.


anim17 sneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.


anim_16 sneak from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo


anim15_toonrun from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.


anim14_toonrun from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

12_Toon run 2

12_toonrun2 from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. More exaggerated run exercise, with help from William’s Kit.

11_Toon Run

11_toonrun_6s from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. 6 frames/second run, had to add a few more steps or it’s over before you blink!


anim9_drunkwalk from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. Took about 3 attempts, started off too complex and had to simplify, in order to try to get the weight


Astronomico – 2D animated short

Straight-ahead animation exercise, imitating the early travelling cartoonists who worked on blackboard with chalk. Using After Effects & Pencil.

making stop-motion puppets on a shoestring

A little timelapse video showing one of several stop motion puppets being made with cheap materials, namely kebab sticks, thin wire, cloth and pillow stuffing.