Damian Castellini 3D Generalist Reel

Personal work showing generalist skills, while professional work awaits official release. Use of organic and hard-surface modelling in modo and maya, with edgeloops and UVmaps

Max the Dino Animated

a little animation with Max. Plays better with sound. Personal project, concept through to final comp. Modo, Advanced Skeleton, Maya, Arnold, AE. Audio sources on

Albert the Robot animation

animated character turntable, best played with sound. Personal project, concept to final. Maya, Quixel, Arnold, AE. Audio sources on site.

Fish Pot study

Speedpaint studying the lighting on glossy ceramic. The teapot was an ideal candidate and threw in a recycled paper background to contrast with the light

3D printed Slender models

Finished printing my slender characters from the automancy short. Posed and made the mesh's watertight, then sliced them through Cura. Printed trials on a cheaper PLA


printed a t-rex skeleton model from thingiverse (the first makerbot listing), and buried the parts in a box of sand, as a n oddly inspired

Finished “Lucy” Renders

Small ongoing personal project, a frontier sci-fi pistol for a character, is finished! (at least digitally ^-^'). Here's some finished renders. I'll post up a

Nalia character clay sculpt

Tried my hand at clay sculpting a few months back when feeling a bit stuck on the proportions of a character design. Probably about 20hrs in

Sci-Fi Frontier Gun – “Lucy”

animated weapon turntable. Plays better with sound. Personal project, concept through to final comp. Modo, Maya, Arnold, AE. Audio sources on site.

Sackhead – stop-motion walk

Testing the wireframe puppet with a walk before making two others. Using cardboard for the floor didn't help with the puppet's stability, really need to

Firelight – stop-motion short

small personal stop-motion short, on a shoe-string. Good fun making characters and animating them by hand, though moving house and filming in the height of

Damian Castellini – Modelling Showreel 2015

Somewhat dated reel, with characters modeled for short films and personal projects. Still good examples of character modeling and texturing for animation, including motion capture. For

Mhondraak the Troll – Model

Mhondraak the Cyborg Troll by Damian on Sketchfab Character from QUT Short Film Powers Above. Modeled and rigged for motion-capture. Maya, Photoshop. Click to preview

Arch-Academic – Model

Archademic Slender Character by Damian on Sketchfab Character from QUT Short Film Automancy. Concept, model, texturing, rigging. Maya, Photoshop. Click to preview interactive 3D model.

The Assistant – Rigged Model

Assistant Slender Character by Damian on Sketchfab Character from QUT Short Film Automancy. Concept, model, texturing, rigging. Maya, Photoshop. Click to preview interactive 3D model.

Motometro – Rigged Biped CIty

Character/location from QUT Short Film Automancy. Concept, model, texturing, rigging. Blender, Maya, Quixel, Photoshop. Click to preview interactive 3D model (town textures not shown).

Painterly Cartoon Hammer

Bonk! by Damian on Sketchfab painterly prop for children's series Balloon Barnyard. Modo and photoshop. Click to preview interactive 3D model.

Baby Kit – Face Rig Model

baby "Kit" by Damian on Sketchfab Character from QUT Short Film Automancy. Concept, model, face and body rigging. Maya, Photoshop. Click to preview interactive 3D

Quino-style Julieta Caricature

Caricature of my sister in the Argentine cartoonist Quino's Mafalda style ^-^ The textured paper my partner and I made from recycled leaflets. Hippies much,

new wacom = new avatar

My awesome partner bought me a wacom (intuos 4 med) for my bday to replace my lil' bamboo. While couch-bound with a cold/flu did a little painting

3D Printed MotoMetro!

After months of modifying, breaking, fixing, breaking again, and just generally getting used to my 3d printer, I thought it time to tackle a complex

Sheriff Goodnight Concept #2

More concept sketches for the Space cowboy cyborg I'm planning on modelling, etc. Some ideas for his back and calves (they're asymmetrical so I had

Sheriff Goodnight – concept #1

I've revised a concept from about 2 years ago, of a detective sent to a frontier space colony, populated by cyborg hillbillies. Soon after landing he's

finished Automancy shortfilm!

It's complete! The shortfilm we've been working on this year is up on Vimeo, so go check it out, share it around, and leave all

Automancy Short film Render Previews

Thursday behind-the-scenes shot of one of our lit scenes. For those unfamiliar with 3d software, the coloured circles in the above shot are the lights,

Automancy shot 04-03 playblast

Animation for the reveal shot of the baby. As the baby was referenced, I wasn't able to parent it to the wrists, so the turn

Automancy shot 01-02 playblast

animation for the Slenders, had a very decent crack at offsetting their actions, so the viewer is drawn first to the character on the right,

Automancy Shot 05-01 Playblast

finally getting the hang of a structured animation workflow, key poses(stepped)>paired sets>holds>linear>splined>final polish. Had a lot of fun animating the baby, and giving the scene

Automancy Alchemist’s Lab Render

A neeeeaaaarly final render of our Lab scene from Automancy. The glass textures have been finalised since, but this is a good indicator of what

Automancy Pre-Vis

Automancy Shortfilm – Pre-Vis v3.5(nosound) from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. The final version I did of our previs before commencing animation. Really helped in seeing what

Motometro Striding City Modelling WIP

    WIP Motometro, the striding city, the main location for our shortfilm. Model is based on my concept art below, with the town currently

Automancy Baby Rig Process

baby "Kit" Rig test & Process from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo.

Automancy “Arch-ademic” Clothes WIP

Clothes sculpt for the older Arch-ademic Slender character in our Automancy short film. To be able to use one rig for both characters, clothes will

Life-drawing sketches

some recent life-drawing sketches, mixture of 2-15 minutes poses. Haven't been in ages, thought I might need some warming up before tackling some storyboarding. This fellow

‘Slender’ character face rig demo

'Slender' character face rig demo from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. facial animation showing progress at using one rig for two characters. By adding an “eyebrow thickness”

Clothes Deformer Test

Using a quick clothes sculpt, tested adding clothes to my Slender rig, using wrap deformer. Worked well, and both the body & facial rigs worked without

cartoon caricature

Drew this for a business card I put together for the Render conference in Melbourne next week. Went through a couple of versions, including a

Slender Character – Base Mesh Process

base mesh for the slender characters. Used some facial edgelooping references to make sure the face will deform well during animation. Malcom rig was a

Automancy Shortfilm Animatic

After several revisions follwing feedback from my team, tutors, and friends, here is the most current version of the Animatic for Automancy.Still a couple of changes

my sister, Slayer of Curbs

A little doodle for my sister, who bravely battled a street curb armed only with a bicycle.

Automancy Baby Speed Sculpt

Last night's quick practice sculpt for the baby character from current shortfilm project. Keeping the limbs bundled to save on rigging and animating, and reduce the workload

Arch-ademic Bust Sculpt

speedsculpt of Arch-academic character in Z-brush. Used Z-spheres to get the right shapes, then just dug into the sculpting. Should be helpful when modelling the

Storyboard Colour Script for Automancy

after painting several versions to get the palette right, the objects were cut (& the areas behind them repainted) facilitating the animatic process in After Effects

Automancy – short film

Short film I directed with a team in 2015.  Responsibilities included: concept, storyboarding, animatics, character modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, and compositing in AE.

Automancy Comic Chapter 2 Preview

A tiny preview of the next 3-4 pages of Automancy, just to show it’s still coming along. I’ve decided not to post any more pages

Happy Birthday Mama!

a little painting for my ma', who's in Argentina (making it rather hard to send a present). Luckily, I know she has a soft spot

Automancy Building Concepts

Building trials for Motometro. Decided these were too cartoony for the style I'm after, but details from them could be useful, and it's good to have some

MotoMetro Detailing #1

Detailing concepts for MM's legs. Used a lot of locomotive & construction vehicles for reference. Thinking of a mostly brown/black colour base, with scratches, oil stains


1HRanim28 Stir from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. Practice for Assistant’s mortar & pestle action. 1hr.

Automancy Lab Layout

Top & angled views of Lab. Roughly sketched as just getting the furniture & props placed. Some of these props (e.g. furnace & tools), might

Automancy Baby Concept

2D concept for the baby in Automancy. Keeping her bundled up to avoid another full rig, having her arms free could be a desirable (if


1HRanim25_Takeprogression from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. Used the timing from Dick William’s Take as the basis for one of the Slenders reeling back from the puff

Automancy Town Concept #3

1 hr to draw, about another 6 to paint. Added details to the buildings, and included a couple of the key buildings that will be in

Automancy Town concepts #2

getting some more definition in the building shapes, working off the colour palette. Next up, painting the whole motometro town! well....most of it anyway

Automancy Town concepts #1

Onto speedpaints for the town & buildings this week! did this in about 45mins yesterday, was so tired I forgot to upload. Urghhh....it's going to

1HR anim 24 – baby lift

1hr anim 24 – babylift from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. short practice for Archademic raising up their successful experiment, just to start getting a feel for

Automancy short – Storyboards V3

revised storyboards, might still need a few tweaks, but generally ready for next stage...the animatic!

Automancy landscape concepts #5

bit over an hour each, PS CS6 narrowing down the style for the field in my short film. Less jagged mountains, yellow/green grass, cartoony/blobby trees

Automancy Comic – chapter 2 p.1

And the adventure is underway, Drethen is out from under the wing of his mentor, and finding that life in the wild is better in


1hrAnim_23_bookselect from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. getting back to the animation 1 hr practice, will be doing these again every 2nd day (every other day is

Automancy landscape concepts #4

more field experimentation for my 3D short film the bottom 2 were from photo ref’s, as I noticed my tree and shrub detail was a

automancy landscape concept 3

managed to get a bit more cartoony. Round shapes, brighter colours, and small line flicks (like the leaves) helped. oh yeah, speedpaint, 3 hrs ^_^

AM landscape concept #2

speedpaint, 3.5 hrs playing with addidng overgrown ruins into the landscape, which would make more sense. Doing the finicky bricks n vines took that extra

scenery concept speedpaint #1

Trying to pump out some quick concepts for how the landscape should/could look in Automancy Liking where the colours & painting-style is going (still have

painterly style prac

just some practice (from photo references!) experimenting with painterly styles for the Automancy animation models. Still pretty noob-ish to painting, but I’m really looking forward

Automancy Comic Chapter 1

While the dedicated site for Automancy is still being made (it’ll take me a couple of months), here’s the 6 pages completed so far. The

Slender Colour Reference

took about 6-7 versions before settling on this one. Should help with the 3D model texturing, even if the clothes are a little different…

Slender Expressions #1

played with some expressions last night to differentiate the professor from his assistant. The lack of nose, jaw, hair & ears made it quite the

Automancy pg.5

one more page to go, next set of 6 pages are roughed/scripted ^-^

Anim21_Box Slip

anim21_box slip from ScruffyHugo on Vimeo. 3 hrs, with a small tea break. Came out better than I’d expected.

paint prac 2

3.5 hrs, from photo reference

paint practice

paint prac, 4 hrs, from photo reference