Damian Castellini 3D Generalist Reel

Personal work showing generalist skills, while professional work awaits official release. Use of organic and hard-surface modelling in modo and maya, with edgeloops and UVmaps

Damian Castellini – Modelling Showreel 2015

Somewhat dated reel, with characters modeled for short films and personal projects. Still good examples of character modeling and texturing for animation, including motion capture. For

Automancy – short film

Short film I directed with a team in 2015.  Responsibilities included: concept, storyboarding, animatics, character modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, and compositing in AE.

Astronomico – 2D animated short

Straight-ahead animation exercise, imitating the early travelling cartoonists who worked on blackboard with chalk. Using After Effects & Pencil.

making stop-motion puppets on a shoestring

A little timelapse video showing one of several stop motion puppets being made with cheap materials, namely kebab sticks, thin wire, cloth and pillow stuffing.