Happy Birthday Mama!

a little painting for my ma', who's in Argentina (making it rather hard to send a present). Luckily, I know she has a soft spot

Automancy Town Concept #3

1 hr to draw, about another 6 to paint. Added details to the buildings, and included a couple of the key buildings that will be in

Automancy Town concepts #2

getting some more definition in the building shapes, working off the colour palette. Next up, painting the whole motometro town! well....most of it anyway

Automancy Town concepts #1

Onto speedpaints for the town & buildings this week! did this in about 45mins yesterday, was so tired I forgot to upload. Urghhh....it's going to

Automancy landscape concepts #5

bit over an hour each, PS CS6 narrowing down the style for the field in my short film. Less jagged mountains, yellow/green grass, cartoony/blobby trees

Automancy landscape concepts #4

more field experimentation for my 3D short film the bottom 2 were from photo ref’s, as I noticed my tree and shrub detail was a

automancy landscape concept 3

managed to get a bit more cartoony. Round shapes, brighter colours, and small line flicks (like the leaves) helped. oh yeah, speedpaint, 3 hrs ^_^

AM landscape concept #2

speedpaint, 3.5 hrs playing with addidng overgrown ruins into the landscape, which would make more sense. Doing the finicky bricks n vines took that extra

scenery concept speedpaint #1

Trying to pump out some quick concepts for how the landscape should/could look in Automancy Liking where the colours & painting-style is going (still have

painterly style prac

just some practice (from photo references!) experimenting with painterly styles for the Automancy animation models. Still pretty noob-ish to painting, but I’m really looking forward

paint prac 2

3.5 hrs, from photo reference

paint practice

paint prac, 4 hrs, from photo reference

speedpaint – Orange

and that’s a wrap for the primary colour speedpaints. Yep, went there.

speedpaint – Green

just keeping with the monochromatic value exercises. 2-3 hr speedpaint

speedpaint “Yellow”

Keeping with the primary colours theme, 2 hr speedpaint. Next up, green!

speedi-paint 3

blue monochromatic, 2 hrs

speedi-paint 2

more colour theory prac, blue-violet, yellow-orange. 2 hrs.

Speedpaint City

Speedpaint of a bipedal city I’m thinking of using as a base of operations for an academic species in some world-building I’m doing. Don’t think