Sheriff Goodnight – concept #1

I’ve revised a concept from about 2 years ago, of a detective sent to a frontier space colony, populated by cyborg hillbillies. Soon after landing he’s victim to a mysterious accident, destroying most of his body (robocop anyone?). The locals, specifically the mad professor, decide to make him one of their own, and save him by encasing his brain within an older military robot. He stays on as their sheriff, armed with his neo-revolver, an antique pistol cobbled with the remains of his detective-issue plasma pistol.
I’m aiming to model this fellow in Max, do some detailing in Zbrush, and try my hand at substance painter. Still need to do a page of head, revolver, and back concepts.
And yep, that’s his brain encased in reinforced glass in the shape of a hat. The brim acts as a solar panel. Why not? XD

Sheriff Goodnight Concept #2