‘Slender’ Unwrap & Base Texture Process


unwrapping done in Blender (just find it faster), with special care taken on the face & hands. These have also been enlarged on the unwrap, as they’ll need more detail in the shots. The legs, chest, back etc, I made a bit smaller, as they’ll be covered in clothes later. Google was a great source for unwrap seam suggestions.



Once unwrapped, imported as .obj into zbrush for a little bit of sculpting and creating textures. Again, focus was primarily on the head, neck, collar, arms and hands, as the rest won’t really be seen under the clothes. I made a couple of brushes to create the freckled/spotted effect, and used the 2D concept art, and pictures of turtles, for colour and detail reference. This may need some tweaking in PS later, and the eyes, eyebrows, teeth, tongue and mouth inner will also be done in PS (they’re in solid colours, so it’ll be easier that way).