An Unwelcome Stranger – Fantasy Book Cover

My friend Tom has just launched his epic, LitRPG fantasy saga, “An Unwelcome Stranger”.
He commissioned me for the cover, which is designed to fit square, avatar and audio book resolutions, while also being crop-able down to print book portrait size.

The brief included “H.R. Giger”, “Art Nouveau”, and “spiders”.

Intrigued? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you fancy yourself a fantasy nerd with a penchant for lore and magic systems, you’ll want to give this a go :male_mage:

For the curious, this piece is mostly traditional watercolours over a pencil drawing, followed by a digital inks and refinement pass in PS. Last count was almost 120hrs. Doing stuff differently takes time and experimentation, and that’s O.K.

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