Letter ‘F’ Bush Scene – Cartoon illustration

~ The koala needed just a little more rest. Thanks to her playful joey, she’d only managed about 18hrs last night!

It was a struggle.

Those silly denizens of the bush didn’t make it easy, either. The kookaburras, galahs, cockatoos and other feathered hooligans crowed and cackled, the possums munched, the sugar gliders…glided? Anyway, with all this ruckus, you’d think the dingo would go and play predator somewhere else! Maybe the cassowary, king of the bush, would set all these larrikins straight! The critter was practically a dinosaur, and that horn on its head looked the business.

The tired koala yawned, and asked her joey to stop tickling her armpit and…hissing? They’re always such rascals at that age! ~

Cartoon poster for my cheery nephew, who’s name begins with, you guessed it, Q! XP