Reducing Urban Sprawl – A community cartoon

With increasing population in SE-QLD, building up instead of out is a great way to reduce urban sprawl, and curtail our impact on wildlife areas.

That said, many residents of Deception Bay – and surrounding coastal areas such as Redcliffe – don’t want to give free reign to developers, and wind up with the crowded, over-priced concrete jungles other regions are now experiencing.

A considered compromised needs to be found; one that allows for growth, while protecting wildlife corridors, marine health, and the peaceful, community-driven way of life that our neighbourhoods enjoy.

One way to do this is to keep the height of coast-front buildings low, while allowing for taller buildings (designed to suit the geography of the area), further inland.

I’ve drawn a cartoon to help illustrate this. If you’d like to know more, please find the Deception Bay Residents Group on Facebook.