The Not-So-Scary Huntsman – Picture Book Crowd Funder

We’re self-publishing a picture book about a girl and a huntsman spider.

Would you like to help?  🤗🕷

The story follows a young girl who meets a very big huntsman upon moving to an older house. With themes of changing one’s attitude and respecting nature, our goal is to show insects and spiders in a kinder light. After all, we’re considerably bigger and scarier than they are!

The story’s written, and I’m over halfway done the 36+ illustrations. We’re avoiding exploitative labour wherever possible, so the books will be printed in Australia, on eco paper!🍃

You can help fund our local printing and associated costs by pre-purchasing now, for a February release. Once the modest goal is reached, it’s off to the printers!

Head to the link to spy some of the finished illustrations, and read more about the project.