Dee Dee the DIY Dwarf – The Folio Of Fairy Folk

Dee Dee the dwarf dabbles in the forgotten nooks of the garden, tinkering about with this and that. A DIY devotee, this fairy never shies from a task, being quick to roll up her sleeves, tie up her ears, and get to work. Sometimes, she even plans it out first.

To embellish her burrow, Dee’s in the habit of collecting cuttings to dry as she works. Her favourites include grevillea and baby blue (Eucalyptus pulverulenta). Dee Dee doesn’t judge, and even the flatulent Stinkhorn fungus (Phallus multicolor) are allocated a place, albeit a little downwind from the rest.

If you come across her, be sure to behave kindly; those little horns aren’t just for looks!
~Excerpt from the Folio of Fairy Folk

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