The Shadow Elf – Folio Of Fae Folk

While sketching out ideas for our next picture book, I’ve been taking a break from the screen by painting more fae folk. Here’s a little tale for accompaniment :book:

~ The Shadow Elf is a lonely creature, set apart from other fae for its dark play.

To combat the isolation, this estranged elfling makes its own company; drawing upon dark and mysterious magicks to conjure up and animate just about anything it fancies. Twiddling dexterous digits, the fae can muster up some very convincing critters. This elf is so clever that, so long as the fires burn or the embers smolder, the summoned specters might as well be alive.

It is a sad irony, then, that it is these same creations that ensure the elf remains eremitic; for any time another fae approaches, the sight of prancing phantasms are enough to frighten off even the most stalwart of sprites.

There is one exception, however. For the fae do enjoy a good tale, and a gloom of shadow elves (as a group of such elves are called) can make for a lively show indeed.

Provided the gloom gives neighbours plenty of warning, they may entertain other fae with a jovial show. Such events are dearly prized by the little folk – a rare occasion to don one’s most fashionable threads and leafy apparel. But despite the glamour and glitz, the audience makes sure to keep a good distance, so as to have a running start should any of the shadows turn rogue.~ The Folio of Fae Folk

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